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Veluzat Army Rentals has all the military vehicles for your filming needs, including the hard to find ones!

Renaud and Andre Veluzat own one of the largest collections of military and movie vehicles in the world, they have provided Hollywood with hundreds of vehicles for movies, television, videos and commercials for over 40 years. weather it was providing all the tanks and military vehicles for such great films as MacArthur, 1941, Valkrie, Red Dawn, Rambo and many more. Television was another great adventure as Renaud and Andre built 229 General Lees and 350 police cars for the hit show "Dukes Of Hazzard". There long resume includes Mash, A-Team, Matlock, Knight Rider, MacGyver, Six Million Dollar Man, Quantum Leap, Fantasy Island, Fall Guy, Knotts Landing and so many more.

Renaud and Andre Veluzat are icons in the motion picture industry providing vehicles and equipment in film and television for hundreds of shows through the decades.

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